The Journal: Capturing Cutting Edge Thinking

Assuming we need to capture our knowledge in a more formalized manner...

Should an IA journal be scholarly or more geared toward practitioners? Or do we need two journals?

Where does peer review fit in? Academic journals typically undergo a strict peer review process to ensure quality and authority; however, this process delays publication for months or, occasionally, years. Are there good models for more practice-oriented journals? Or do we simply call these magazines? WebTechniques might be a good model.

Finally, is there any need for a print version?

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The Calendar: Announcements and Events

Could be modeled on (and take over from) the ACIA's calendar.

Might be useful to support self-entry of events, possibly by using an ASP-based calendar tool. So perhaps the IAwiki approach is dead-on.

Could also be combined with "The News" to push out announcements.

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Interviews: People of Interest

Profiles on information architects and others of interest. Again, something that could replace the ACIA's interviews area.

Interviews are not especially difficult to do, and they're often as much fun for the interviewer. They're also a great way/excuse to approach those outside the IA community whom we want to educate about our existence. So I highly encourage those who might be interested in taking this on to do so!

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Surveys: What We're Thinking

Surveys can be used to gather practical information as well as the community's opinion.

Regular longitudinal surveys (covering such practical topics as salary surveys) could be complemented by "snap" surveys relevant to occasional topics of interest (e.g., the Florida ballot issue). This another opportunity to takeover for the ACIA, which currently provides semi-regular surveys.

Would likely require an editorial board to determine a schedule of coverage. Another catch: survey ASP services like this can be expensive. Zoomerang, which the ACIA uses, now charges something like $500/year.

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Book and Article Reviews: What We're Reading

Simply an opportunity to invite participation by members of the community through soliciting their reviews of relevant books, etc. This should be very easy for a loose group of volunteers to pull off.

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Other Stuff?

What other types of content would be useful to our field?

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