The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture launched in early November, 2002. If you are interested in the goals of IA community infrastructure--then you should get involved in the AIfIA. Why? Because didn't provide an organization to back up the great ideas that were captured on this site; the AIfIA will. Hope that you will become involved in the AIfIA. --Lou Rosenfeld

What is this about?

This site is a hopeful attempt to discuss and capture ideas that may lead to useful shared services for the information architecture community. Got a great idea that could benefit other IAs? Get the word out here and maybe you'll find a collaborator. Want to start up an organization of IA professionals? Discuss it here and maybe it will happen.

What do you mean by "shared services"?

Anything that will help us all and build and promote our field; the list on the right is a start. What's missing? What would really make your work and life as an IA easier? Post your ideas here, and let's get the discussion going on SIGIA-L and see where it takes us...

Yow. Who is going to do all this work?

That's easy: you. Many of you are already working on cool projects or are planning to. And new IA-related sites seem to appear every day. Let's identify more great projects to work on, and connect them with people who want to do the work. And determine if there is a model for coordinating these efforts (e.g., a professional association).

Please, God, not another professional association...

Hold on, not necessarily. Coordination doesn't have to come with the bureaucratic baggage that is too common to traditional professional assocations. There may be other models. Or maybe this is our chance to invent a new model?

What about ASIS&T?

Well, what about it? Here are some thoughts...

Hey, wouldn't it be cool if...

...if we could use these efforts to showcase IA skills as well as create good services for ourselves? Absolutely!

Why do this now?

Recent SIGIA-L discussions (and private conversations) have made it clear that the planets are aligned to address these issues right now. Besides, lots of us have, um, a few cycles to spare these days. The energy is there, so let's tap it.

What's next?

Here's what you can do:

  1. read through this blog and add your ideas and comments
  2. discuss on SIGIA-L
  3. Sign up to volunteer for a specific project
You can keep up with what's going on by checking out the Progress Report.

Here's who's been involved so far; care to add your name to the list? Of course, we have to mention that this blog is powered by Movable Type

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