Conferences: Beyond the Summits

The ASIS&T Summits have been effective at getting many members of the community together in one place. The first Summit also drew in participation of and attention from members of related communities, although the second Summit wasn't as successful at this. The third Summit is scheduled to take place in Baltimore in mid-March 2002.

Do we need additional meetings, perhaps through partnering with other associations as has been done with ASIS&T, to make connections to existing fields? Or just more meetings in general as a way to cement our community? More meetings in more places might help address our increasing geographic dispersal.

Another question: can conferences be used as a way to bring in revenue to support other information architecture activities?

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Local "Chapters": Grassroots Organizing

As a start, a listing of local groups (ideally something better than what we've done in the ACIA Community area) would be useful.

It might be just as important to provide information describing how to set up a local group, where to advertise, what sorts of activities one might conduct, etc.

Additionally, templated space on a community web server might be helpful to give local groups more incentive to get the word out.

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Education: Loose or Formal?

Beyond a simple directory of where IA and related skills are being taught, it would be useful to link to sample curricula and course materials.

Going further, perhaps setting up a mailing list for IA educators would be a useful mechanism to encourage sharing of experiences.

Even further, setting up a group to investigate program certification and accreditation would also be important to consider. This is a responsibility that is typically handled by professional associations.

Other education-related activities could include creating a scholarship fund and creating a design competition for all sorts of types of sites and classes of information architects (ranging from students to those employed by agencies).

Finally, if we are to become an organization, how should we partner with the educational sector? Should we create a service to match student volunteers with non-profit projects? Should we even consider being an acrediting board? Should we get involved in teaching IA literacy at the primary schools level?

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Ethical Guidelines for Information Architects

Most professionals deal with ethical challenges at one time or another, and information architects are no exception. It would be an interesting task to study the ethical issues that arise and distill some guidelines and guidance for practitioners.

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Other Stuff?

What other initiatives could strengthen field?

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