Decision Making: Who Gets a Say?

In the near term, we may wish to not formalize decision-making, which might be overly ambitious anyway.

Instead perhaps we should act as independent teams working on individual projects (e.g., a team dedicated to fixing the SIGIA-L archive, another building a job site). If we can start doing this, we should also make sure we communicate to each other what we're doing. What's the best mechanism to make sure this communication happens?

In the longer term, if we become formalized as an organization, we would need to determine who is allowed to be a member and what issues they will be able to vote on. And how.

Ditto for governance; would we have a board of directors and executive officers? What would be the nature of the relationship between paid professional staff and volunteers?

I ultimately hope we do not recreate the traditional professional association. In this post-Web world, we can replace bureaucracy with communications technologies to some degree.

Posted by Louis Rosenfeld at October 04, 2001 06:22 PM

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Posted by ret at December 26, 2003 6:55 AM

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