Funding and Resources: What do We Need, How Will We Pay for It, and

Financial and other resource needs obviously will depend on just what exactly we want to do. I've already gone out and purchased the domain name "," and set it up with a virtual host at I'm willing to donate this to the cause.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a whole host of services we may need, ranging from professional services (i.e., lawyers to set up corporate entity, accountants and bookkeepers, conference organizers) to web development services (programming, coding, IA, visual design). And probably some more; what else?

To come up with the money to pay for these, there are a number of business models that are worth considering, but none are obvious. Potential business models include:

  • the "PBS Approach": get corporate and other sponsorships; perhaps the intelligence community would be interested in supporting us these days?
  • traditional member dues approach: rely on funding from individuals, but dangerous because we risk competing with other associations; additionally, membership dues don't bring in much
  • the foundation route: approach Mellon, Kellogg, or another foundation with a history of supporting either one of our source disciplines (e.g., LIS) or community development in general (although we can't argue to be a disadvantaged community)
A hybrid approach is probably the safest way to go. We may also consider a phased plan that involves free membership for the first one to two years, with reliance on "seed money" from a foundation or major sponsors to bridge the near term gap.

Posted by Louis Rosenfeld at October 04, 2001 06:20 PM

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