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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: [Sigia-l] Interaction 09 | Vancouver Prog

[Sigia-l] Interaction 09 | Vancouver Program & Registration announced today

From: David Malouf <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 09:14:21 EDT

Go on and check out what is to be one of the best UX conferences of 2009.
Interaction09 | Vancouver hosted by Simon Frasier University in
Downtown Vancouver has an amazing mix of curated and peer submitted
content. There are also a host of pre-conference workshops to help you
get your hands dirty.

Take a look! and don't forget to join the Crowdvine
community by going to the "Connect" section.

We are still definitely accepting sponsorship opportunities, so email
me if you are interested.

-- dave

David Malouf
IA Summit 2009: 
Peabody Hotel in Memphis
Pre cons on March 18 and 19   
Sessions on March 20, 21, 22  
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