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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: [Sigia-l] Mac-like design [WAS Re: Pink, revisited ]

Re: [Sigia-l] Mac-like design [WAS Re: Pink, revisited ]

From: Ziya Oz (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 23:22:53 EDT

Will Parker:

> Yeah, I got that from the other 97 percent all the way through high
> school, too.

So if we aren't biologically pre-wired for pink as Paola claims, can we also
say that we aren't pre-wired for good design appreciation either? :-)

Remember Apple's goal is a mere 1% of worldwide phone market, which is not
much more than a rounding error on Nokia's or Moto's biz model.

It depends.
If it didn't, you'd be out of a job.
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