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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: [Sigia-l] JOB: Behavior is seeking 3 lead-level Information Architects!

[Sigia-l] JOB: Behavior is seeking 3 lead-level Information Architects!

From: Christopher Fahey (
Date: Thu Jul 13 2006 - 17:16:39 EDT

(My apologies if you get this message several times due to my several
listserv cross-postings. And please feel free to pass this on to anyone else
who might be interested)

Behavior ( is looking for three (3) lead-level
Information Architects for freelance projects lasting from 2 to 5 months.
These projects start immediately, but for the right candidate we can be
flexible. Two are really cool projects involving lots of snappy buzzwords
like Web 2.0, convergence, social networking. The third is a
technically-intensive project ideal for someone with UML skills and a desire
to be involved in the structuring of a complex web-based application for
university students and professors. None of these projects are just web
sites: all will challenge you to create new and innovative user experiences.

We are also looking for at least one information architect for a permanent
staff position as well -- the aforementioned freelance jobs may be a great
way to transition to our team!

Please contact me directly and I'd be extremely happy to discuss these
opportunities further. Send resumes, URLs, etc., to this email address:

You should:
--> Live and work in the NYC metro area.
--> Have 5+ years experience as an information architect or an
    interaction/experience designer.
--> Have been the principal IA on several major web site projects,
    from start to finish.
--> Be adept at presenting -- and leading -- large meetings with senior
    management-level clients
--> Have experience with user research and/or usability testing (i.e.,
    the "lab coat" part of IA)
--> Be able to show examples of almost all of the following typical
      -- Use Cases/Scenarios (UML not required!)
      -- User Personas/Task Analysis
      -- Site Maps, Wireframes, Process Flows (naturally)
      -- Business Analysis/Features/Requirements
      -- Functional Specifications
--> Be forward-thinking and resourceful about trends and best practices
    in the web industry, design, and IA.

I look forward to hearing from some excellent people! Thanks!


Christopher Fahey

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