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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: RE: [Sigia-l] "Search Inside the Music"

RE: [Sigia-l] "Search Inside the Music"

From: Jonathan Baker-Bates (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 08:17:33 EDT

> According to Mr. Lamere, music search capabilities could also
> alter the traditional ≥hit-driven≤ business model of the
> music industry

I'm being facetious, but can anyone think of a technology in the last 20 years that actually delivered on the promises of its inventor? It seems to me that once somebody starts predicting causal relationships between their snakoil and tectonic shifts in society or business models, it invariably sinks without trace, or crawls off into a tiny niche, never to emerge again.

The web: Tim B-L thought it might be useful for academics
Text messaging: mobile comms afterthought that changed the world


Anti-noise: Bose make some headphones
VOD: Blockbuster's still trading
Cyclonic vacuum-cleaner: hmmm


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