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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: [Sigia-l] ClickTale

[Sigia-l] ClickTale

From: Ziya Oz (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 02:38:32 EDT

Unlike traditional web analytics that produce only pure statistics,
ClickTale gives webmasters the ability to watch movies of users¹ individual
browsing sessions. Every mouse movement, every click and every keystroke are
recorded for convenient playback. With ClickTale, webmasters can improve
website usability, enhance navigation, and increase website effectiveness.

ClickTale is a hosted service, so no installation on the server or client is
needed. Setup takes less than 5 minutes. While users browse your website as
usual, you sit back and enjoy the movies.

In addition to movies, ClickTale provides a unique set of statistics that
address important usability questions. For example, the ³Percent of Page
Viewed² statistic can answer ³how much of the webpage did users see and how
often did they scroll to the webpage¹s bottom?² and the ³Active Browsing
Time² statistic can answer ³how long did users actively browse a webpage, as
opposed to just having an open inactive browser?²



Usability >  Simplify the Solution
Design >  Simplify the Problem
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