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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: [Sigia-l] Being considerate of others (Off Topic Posts)

Re: [Sigia-l] Being considerate of others (Off Topic Posts)

From: Listera (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2006 - 02:33:36 EST

> I was speaking for myself in starting this discussion, albeit in the
> interest of the whole community.

I can't believe that you are unable to see the hopelessness of that
assertion. How can you speak for anyone but yourself by definition?

Therein lies the malign nature of your approach, assuming that the imaginary
consensus you have in your own mind is somehow equal to "the interest of the
whole community" and, god forbid, anyone else should have a differing view,
which of course would be antithetical to the interest of the whole
community. Breathtaking in its presumption!
> ... defending Ziya off-list.

Please, don't take me, or others, for a fool.
> As I said, this topic wasn't meant to point fingers at any given
> poster.

No kidding.

> My 147 posts in the last five years (to the day!), provide a lot of material

While you're at it, check what a shocking percentage of it is simply about
contradicting me.

> While I may not start lots of threads,

Then don't complain about what others start. If you think certain subjects
don't get covered, stop complaining, cover them! Who's stopping you?

> I'm not welcome here in your reckoning?

You are confusing me with yourself and 4-5 vocal others here who are
pro-censorship. Censorship is repugnant to me in any form. I defended, on
the list, on many occasions when it was most impolitic, many people's
unfettered right to contribute. Unlike you, I strongly believe I learn from
people I disagree with. I tolerate/ignore them when I must. I don't mind
people attacking my POV, heck, even me personally as long as they don't use
profanity. You've been targeting me personally on and off the list for a few
years now. Have I ever asked for restrictions/censorship to be imposed on
you? I'm not the one who's obsessed here.
> Funny that "Innovate as a last resort" seems to sum up this discussion
> quite well.

This doesn't show that you quite understand the meaning of that phrase at

> Evidently this list is already perfect...or beyond hope.

These kinds of derogatory remarks have been made before, most notably by
people who want to dictate the list's direction, and yet it thrives on
despite warnings of its immanent demise. Not much new here.

"Innovate as a last resort."
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