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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: [Sigia-l] Updated copyright notices

Re: [Sigia-l] Updated copyright notices

From: Eric Reiss (
Date: Tue Jan 03 2006 - 02:23:57 EST

Yes, clearly you want a range of dates. This is the legally correct
form. I would have thought that was self-evident.


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Subject: Re: [Sigia-l] Updated copyright notices
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 10:04:42 -0500

>It may not build trust, but it can create a legal problem if you
>change the
>I'm betting that if I asked our corporate counsel, they'd tell us
>that the
>copyright date needs to reflect the initial date the protected work
>If you change the date to 2006, you're saying that you don't want to
>protect it for the period before that year. If someone else claims
>produced the work first, this could be a problem.
>More importantly, if you're adding new content but "pre-date it" by
>an old copyright notice that reflects before it was written, this
>could be challenged as fraudulent and wouldn't help in the
>protection of
>the content you're creating. Since the point of stating a copyright
>is to
>protect your work, you wouldn't want to open this door to being
>We use a date range [such as "(c) 1997-2006"] on our sites.
>p.s. Thanks for the reminder -- I'm firing a note off to Josh right
>now to
>update the range.
>At 07:40 AM 1/2/2006, Eric Reiss wrote:
>>Just a friendly reminder that this is the day to update the
>>notices on your websites. I'm always astounded at how many sites
>>still have copyrights from 2003 and 2004. Not a good way to build
>Jared M. Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering
>4 Lookout Lane, Unit 4d, Middleton, MA 01949
>978 777-9123

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