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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: [Sigia-l] Macromedia Flashpaper [was: Acrobat reader ?]

[Sigia-l] Macromedia Flashpaper [was: Acrobat reader ?]

From: David Mendels (dmendels)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 10:30:21 EST


Actually, this is not correct. The numbers refer to actual, working,
installs. The research methodology is very straightforward. A person is
asked to go to a page and state whether he can or can not see the content of
that page (for example, Flash 5 content, Flash 6 content, Flash 7 content,
.pdf, .mov, etc). Only if the person can actually see the working Flash (or
other content type) content is it counted. Folks who uninstall Flash do not
see that content and would not be counted as having the Flash player.

At Macromedia, we also have data on things like number of downloads, number
of installs, etc, but that data is of coure susceptable to being invalid
based on the concern you raise. The NPD methodology is not susceptable.

The Survey you point to a) does not have a statistically valid sample size
and b) is susceptible to invalidity based on the fact that the vast majority
of people are not aware whether Flash Player is installed or not. One needs
a methodology that controls for the fact that most people have no idea if it
is installed because the experience is transparent in most cases. Hope this


> > From: David Mendels
> >
> > If you are interested in reletive saturation of Flash player, by
> > version, vs Acrobat, visit here for a study by NPD:
> >
> Those numbers refer to Flash pre-installations. However, many
> people uninstall Flash to get rid of the annoying Flash banner ads:
> Boniface

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