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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: [Sigia-l] ANN: IA for Content Management Workshop

[Sigia-l] ANN: IA for Content Management Workshop

From: Ann Rockley (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 10:06:50 EDT

Our new Information Architecture for Content Management QuickStart (Tampa
Florida, Aug. 7) is an intense one-day workshop designed to teach you the
skills you'll need to develop an information architecture for your content
management system. Information Architecture for Content Management is a key
component of any successful unified content (single source) strategy.
Information architecture formalizes the structure of your content, helps
you determine rules for managing reuse, and assists in the identification
of your workflow.

You will learn:

-The business reasons for adopting a unified content strategy
-How to identify different types of reuse (identical, derivative, nested,
opportunistic, systematic)
-Why information architecture is critical to a successful single source
content management project
-How to design for usability (content management users and end users)
-How to create
         -Content Models (Information product models, element models)
         -Content and structural reuse maps
         -Reuse management rules (e.g., how to handle derivative reuse
[reuse with change], how to determine what is source content when
multiple authors/editors reuse and make changes to the same piece of content)
         -Metadata (categorization, element)
         -Repository structure (reusable building blocks, logical
structures for content)
         -Workflow (business process automation)


At the end of this workshop you will:
-Understand the role of information architecture in content management
-Understand the steps involved in the development of information
architecture for CMS
-Be equipped with an understanding of the skills and techniques necessary
to build successful information architectures for content management

Who should attend
-Information Architects
-Software Developers
-Business and IT Managers
-Business Analysts
-Information Technology Consultants

Registration for this intense one-day workshop is $400.00 US per student.
Register two or more students from the same organization and get a $50 US
discount per student.
Learning materials, lunch, snacks, and a copy of our book on content
management, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, are
included in the registration fee.
To register


The Rockley Group Inc. are specialists in Enterprise Content Management and
Information Architecture for content management.

The Rockley Report is our new quarterly journal that publishes original
material related to content management. Our first issue is available at The current issue focuses on information
architecture for content management., 905-415-1885

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