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RE: [Sigia-l] (was Designers and Developers)

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Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 11:07:54 EDT

I summarize it this way: For an organization that was not already heavily
committed to Microsoft technologies, I would never recommend .NET. I would
recommend some open source technology with lower lock-in. However, after 15
years of donations to non profits, universities, and state government
Microsoft is deeply embedded in a lot of organizations. So....

If you are already committed to Microsoft technologies and you have a
knowledge management problem, then .NET is likely to be a natural next step
for you. On a positive note, the data manipulation capabilities (ADO.NET)
are impressive - essentially, the idea is that any Microsoft document may be
considered a data store and queried as such, so from a knowledge management
perspective, this is highly desirable.

However, if your development process assumes an MVC (model-view-controller)
application design, you'll have to do some extra work. A development process
that requires an MVC model is one in which you have a person responsible for
design (analogous to View), another person responsible for code (analogous
to Control), and another person responsible for the database (analogous to

To wrap it up - if you are responsible for the interface you do need learn
the tag libraries and you do need to learn how .NET hangs together overall.
You don't need to learn the nitty gritty of C#, you don't have to become a
database designer etc. This is pretty consistent with the original post
regarding the need for designers to understand how stuff works - and
realistically, developers also need to understand how stuff works in the
interface. E.g. it's NOT okay to embed html in tags that are printed
by a C# method.

In other words, people responsible for UI may also need to become conversant
in design patterns and application design.


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