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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: [Sigia-l] JJG + A Brand New Bag

Re: [Sigia-l] JJG + A Brand New Bag

Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 15:33:30 EDT

"Derek R" wrote -

>...if you *don't know* that in order to have an online business you
>need an idea to bring online -- where are you? Realistically, you are at
>square-one, which is out-of-the-business...

Really? Let me pull out an old interview with Alan Cooper. Follow this
link - ""

Excerpts from his interview -
DJA: I liked the focus in your book on an industry in denial. I could
empathize with that. A lot of stuff that gets written makes me think,
"Yeah, these guys are still in denial"

Alan Cooper: Yeah. And in the web world, it's just as prevalent, if not
more so. In the PC world there was a lot of money. You could be in denial
and still be having a financial success. In the web world, you can be in
utter denial and be having a huge financial success because of all the
distorted valuations. It's very easy to hide a bad user experience.

DJA: Yes, I'm sure. Investors won't see an advantage in improving a site
that is worth 9 billion dollars already?

Alan Cooper: Yep. Very true.

I am sure you hate the last word that came out from Alan Cooperís mouth,
as much as I do. Well thatís the marketplace. Most of the people in-charge
believe spending money for 'Marketing', 'Customer Satisfaction' and
'Training' to cover usability issues. I hate where design is perceived
just a pretty picture. We discuss too often here about how HR managers and
Recruiters are ignorant about what they should recruit(?)...

So what do we do then? Suggest an improvement to JJGís idea. At one hand,
where everybody agrees that JJG's work needs correction and recognition;
it is indeed an effort which needs lobbying. Let's aggree within ourself
what we all do within our cubicals.

Pradyot Rai

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