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Re: [Sigia-l] [PLUG] JJG's Got A Brand New Bag

From: Derek R (
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 02:51:42 EDT

Peter wrote:

>| An attempt to provide a holistic view of web teams, and
>| help web teams figure out how the competencies relate

While I don't mind creating a mysticism around what is both obvious and
commonsensical, JJG's diagrams nevertheless present visual remedial
learning as some sort of prerequisite <>.

Really, if the people responsible for implementing design and
development processes for an online business are ignorant of what JJG's
diagrams represent -- they don't need to look at the diagrams to
discover what's wrong, or how to improve, their business (hint, hint!).

The diagrams look very pretty, like Barney and friends, but can hardly
be considered 'ground-breaking' or worthy of 'wide acclaim' as JJG has
colored his work in the past (and as Peter seems to indicate may be
appropriate here).

These diagrammatic-representations are just not advanced or original
enough to have merit beyond those too dumb for help (i.e. beyond those
who won't read or listen, and instead, 'just look at the pictures').

Again, if you *don't know* how the basic life-cycle works, then you
should get out of the business. No amount of money blown on workshops
will turn-your-boat-around in time to save your Web development project.

Nevertheless, I understand that many people in Web Development,
(particularly at the management-level), may be in need of 'XX For
Dummies' type instruction to help them understand what they are
responsible for. This is especially true for entrepreneurial-type bosses
who want to maintain control of a business they have no experience in

So, in that sense, congratulations! I like this diagram much better than
the last one. Keep simplifying and you may eventually find yourself.

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