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[Sigia-l] [PLUG] JJG's Got A Brand New Bag

From: Peter Merholz (
Date: Wed Jul 09 2003 - 22:02:36 EDT

Actually, he has a brand new diagram.

>From the man who brought you The Elements of User Experience diagram

comes The Nine Pillars of Web Design

It's an attempt to provide a holistic view of web teams, and help web teams
figure out how the competencies relate, and perhaps which competencies they

While it might lack the EUREKA! insight that the original Elements diagram
offered, it's a remarkably *useful* diagram. When Jesse unveiled it at our
San Francisco workshop, people really chewed on it, and with it, they were
able to articulate why a past project had the problems it did, or what the
issues are with the current department set-up, etc.

I've already begun to consider how it can interact with measuring value and
financial impact -- assigning metrics to the different pillars for which
they're responsible, and thus being confident that all necessary metrics are
being considered in concert.

My one quibble (and Jesse's heard this already): Project Management and User
Research should underscore all the other pillars.

Jesse will be again presenting this new conceptualization of web teams at
our Washington D.C. workshops (August 18-21). I will use it to underscore my
presentation of Tying User Experience to Business Success. It will be fun,


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