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RE: [Sigia-l] Re: SIGIA-L: Command line fun!

From: Peggy Gerace-Roosa (
Date: Mon Apr 08 2002 - 13:44:15 EDT


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From: Jody A. Hankinson []
Sent: Monday, April 08, 2002 8:49 AM
To: Laura Norvig;
Subject: [Sigia-l] Re: SIGIA-L: Command line fun!

For as much as I hate, this is the best listing I've found.

- Jody

Jody A. Hankinson
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On 4/4/02 8:58 PM, "Laura Norvig" <> wrote:

> Once a person starts to get an RSI from too much mousing there is
> more incentive to learn keyboard shortcuts.
> I think that generally, people stick with the first way they learned
> to do something, until someone shows them another way to do it.
> btw, anyone know of a comprehensive resource for finding Mac keyboard
> shortcuts?
> thanks.
> At 1:44 AM -0500 3/27/02, Christopher Fahey [askrom] wrote:
>> But there are still certain things people will do with keyboards as if
>> the GUI was never invented. CONTROL-C for copying, for example: very few
>> people use the Edit menu to reach the copy command any more. And lots of
>> people just hit ENTER when they see a dialog box, instead of clicking
>> "okay".

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