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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: SIGIA-L: Insight moves sight to the

Re: SIGIA-L: Insight moves sight to the site

From: Susan Zeyher (
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 11:09:59 EST

--- Martyn Perks <> wrote:
<stuff snipped out>
> it
> is more to do with understanding social relations
> than with any attempt to
> categorise their behavioural patterns by analysing
> them as lab rats!!!
> (Sorry but I had to say it!! I fear my name will no
> longer be welcome in
> these parts!)
Thank you Martin, for all your insightful comments and
for a good laugh. Lab rats, indeed!
> As Derek Rogerson said earlier, the most interesting
> problem to solve is how
> the information / categorisation etc... can enable
> the user to be the
> 'producer' of content, transforming it socially, in
> what ever way they wish,
> rather than being a passive consumer, rigidly
> defined through often a simple
> 'tasked' view of them.
I agree completely! The user gives meaning to the
information, rather than passivly consuming it.
> My metaphor (and excitement) is XML - through
> technology, it allows the
> transformation of content into what ever the
> recipient desires, without
> being defined in a static framework.
Tell me more! Tell me more about XML, please. Or,
direct me to where I can learn more. It sounds

Striving to make order out of information chaos.

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