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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: RE: SIGIA-L: IA/HCI Education (summary)

RE: SIGIA-L: IA/HCI Education (summary)

From: Dan Saffer (
Date: Tue Feb 05 2002 - 10:18:59 EST

Dan Saffer said:
> To go after a MLIS seems, well, limiting [because it doesn't include
things like] design, usability, cognitive psych, programming, and
lots of other good stuff...that this list talks about every day].

Kristen Truong replied:
> I think you should not blanket MLIS programs as not providing the
right curriculm. I think you have to look at each program individually
and make an assessment.

Michael Drexel replied:
I agree with Kristen, Dan. Your understanding of MLS programs is a bit
too narrow...Like Kristen, I've been able to
tailor my degree to my own interests--HCI, usability, information
retrieval, IA, etc--the same way that most of the other more
"traditional" MLS students lean toward all that other stuff.

Ah, but here's the thing. If I, who have been on this list for over a
year and am reasonably knowledgeable about our field has this
perception, what about the recruiters, creative directors, IT managers,
etc. who hire us?

It sounds like people are tailoring their education (which is great),
but at the end of the day, your degree is in IS/MLIS and not in HCI or
Design. Does this make a difference in the type of education you get OR
in the types of job offers you receive? Most job listings I'm seeing
these days ask for backgrounds (if not Master's degrees) in HCI,
Cognitive Psych, or design. I have yet to see one that asks for
information science. Perhaps that is ignorance on the part of those who
hire for our roles, but it's there nonetheless.

Ten years down the line, are people going to wonder why you went to IS
school instead of a program that is more closely affiliated with design
or computer science?

Hopefully this isn't coming off as a slam against IS programs. I'm just
curious as to why people made the education choices they did, because I
think the future of our field is shaped by it.

Thanks for the responses!


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