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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: RE: SIGIA-L: Is Rome burning? Unreasona

RE: SIGIA-L: Is Rome burning? Unreasonable expectations and the fate of IA as independent...

From: Kathleen Klein (
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 14:05:25 EST

I think you're feeling the job-hunting blues. Note the job title is "web
developer." I wouldn't look to an IA to have many of these skills.

Job hunting is such a difficult task - be sure to give yourself plenty of
mental health breaks. During a grueling hunt in the past I rewarded myself
with visits to area museums. It saved my sanity (and gave me a better
perspective on the job hunt). - Kathleen

Klein Info Design
information architecture/project management

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From: []On Behalf Of
Joe Lamantia
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 8:47 AM
Subject: SIGIA-L: Is Rome burning? Unreasonable expectations and the
fate of IA as independent...


Here's another of the "everything in one" impossible job descriptions
that I've seen become so much more common in the past year. The awesome
combination of skill / experience requirements (Oracle 9i expert and
designer, with a CS degree?) in this gives me genuine pause.

The massive amount of work this community is engaged in to reach some
level of self-definition will all be for naught if there are few jobs
that recognize the independent value of the discipline. At this point,
I'm unfortunately too deeply engaged in my job search to recommend much
in the way of a solution, but am wondering if anyone else is beginning
to fell a sense of alarm at this?

We know that HR often synthesizes these sorts of things from ten
different lists of skills, and that any progress towards chaning that
practice will be slow and grudging at best - but we still need to
explore how to counteract the assumption that knowing a DB and
middleware langauge qualifies one to execute a complete portal interface
and functionality redesign.

Joe Lamantia


Job Description

Provide Professional Services and Technology expertise to our clients
and other NET2S teams for complex projects. Design and develop an
e-Portal platform to integrate various applications/components that
comprise the OSS/BSS infrastructure. Also revamp the intranet and design
the extranet.


Degree in Computer Science or Communication Technologies (BS or Master)
3+ years hands-on experience <
Excellent command of Oracle 9i products (including Oracle 9i application
Strong Java/J2EE/XML/Corba Development skills
Experience in OSS/BSS environment
Architect/Designer capabilities
Involvement in the entire development of the project life cycle
Able to mentor and transfer knowledge to the customer engineering team
Leadership abilities + excellent interpersonal and communication skills

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