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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: RE: SIGIA-L: Site Map vs. Site Index

RE: SIGIA-L: Site Map vs. Site Index

From: Christopher Fahey [askROM-remote] (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 12:25:58 EST

> My biggest concern about either site maps or index is
> maintenance. If content and structure is changing often, then
> resources need to be dedicated to ensuring the site map is
> updated as there would be little more frustrating than a
> malfunctioning map.

A good CMS (Content Management System) would eliminate this problem
completely, particularly for a site map. The CMS can dynamically
generate the site map or index acording to the rules you set up when you
build the system.

CMSs range from free (ArsDigita, Zope) to affordable ($20-40,000 for
Microsoft CMS) to freaking crazy expensive ($250,000 + for Teamsite).
There is a CMS option for any site budget.


[christopher eli fahey]

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