Employment Area: Resumes and Job Postings

Job postings and resumes could be posted for information architecture and (possibly) related positions. This could be a huge improvement over such services as Monster.com, which have different definitions of information architecture, and which don't distinguish types of information architecture.

The resumes could potentially be tied to the Directory of Professionals. Some database technology, not to mention classification scheme design and content maintenance procedures, would be need to be implemented to support such a system. Also, some decisions would need to be made regarding whether or not to charge (and whom) for such a service.

Additional content could include:

  • sample job postings
  • advice on how to get a job in IA
  • advice on how to hire an information architect

Posted by Louis Rosenfeld at November 03, 2001 04:02 PM

More additional content :
- The kind of outcomes you can expect from IA
- What IA is not

More news as it comes to hand

Posted by Mathew at November 13, 2001 9:53 PM

At Symetri, we already have a chunk of code we could possibly tweak and donate to the cause.

See the Sealy job ops area we developed.

There are admin tools behind it that also track resumes and users, etc. With some modifications, it would work nicely as a core piece for BOTH the professional directory and the jobs area.

I'm working on getting some time from folks in my company to help out with it, and working with Lou to iron out other details. More later.

Question: is anyone going to handle overall data model for how to handle users site-wide? (ie, a logged-in user can post a resume, and also add to a blog, put something in the library, create news, etc?)

Andrew (www.drewspace.com)

Posted by Andrew Hinton at November 19, 2001 2:39 PM

It'd be nice to have more info on skill sets that are required for IAs. Most IA openings I've seen seem to be through IT/technical means, and they're used to evaluating people on what languages and technologies they know.

Obviously every job opening is different, but it'd be helpful if all jobs listed have a "skill set" section and most of them, for example, say "XML and content management system experience desired," it'd help to know what to focus your learning efforts on.

(Of course these technical skills would be in addition to traditional IA areas of expertise and concentration...)

Posted by .jeff. at November 26, 2001 7:56 PM

It sounds, from these comments and others I've heard on the list etc, that one of the main concerns folks have with the job board is to use it as a means of reshaping how the job market at large _thinks_ about info-arch. That's a much more ambitious task than just listing resumés and job openings. There's a whole rhetorical strategy involved there that may be beyond the first phase of whatever solution gets cobbled together in the near term. Curious what others see as the priorities on this part of the project.

Posted by Andrew Hinton at January 6, 2002 9:54 PM

I agree, let's keep things simple and save the more ambitious stuff for a future phase. As we don't have *anything* yet, not even a basic resume/job opening database, I think we should concentrate on just getting those up and running (and connecting them to a professional directory).

Well, let me restate that: if there are design decisions which promote IA that can be achieved along the way to getting the minimum functionality up and running, great. I'm just concerned that we'll burn through too many cycles getting there if we try run before we walk.

Posted by Lou at January 6, 2002 11:25 PM

Another functionality/purpose to consider is linking to job postings which exist elsewhere. There *are* [relevant] IA jobs posted at monstor.com et al, so lets point to them. Become a portal.

This would also go some way towards satisfying the "reshaping public perceptions" too.

This could also be done in a low tech manner such as a blog, and is a stepping-stone towards the bigger system.

Posted by Eric Scheid at January 10, 2002 2:07 AM

Symetri is in process now of converting some code we use for a few of our clients to a more open app to provide the job board, resume tracking, etc. as well as the professional directory. It's being further hammered out and detailed in a separate listserv, but updates can certainly happen here.

Something like a timeline and project plan will be available if we end up doing them (I hope we will).

I like Eric's idea (above) of the listed jobs from elsewhere... I think we could probably just embed a blog of some kind in a column of the front page of the jobs page?

Posted by Andrew Hinton at January 31, 2002 2:21 PM

Director of Information Architecture and User Interface.

You will be responsible for leading the APAC Information Architecture (IA) & User Interface (UI) team in establishing and implementing successful IA & UI for my clients products to achieve branding and user experience objectives.

Duties will include:
• Lead establishment, review and maintenance of IA & UI standards, designs, templates & practices in accordance with target audience goals and best practice.
• Direct planning, control, implementation and testing of IA & UI for all projects using approved methodologies, tools and standards.
• Effective management of the IA & UI team, achieving agreed performance targets, managing financial budgets, etc.

Successful candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, proven track record at a senior level in IA & UI roles in an internet environment, strong knowledge in PhotoShop, Image Ready, HTML, Java Server Programs, Premiere, Director, Flash, Shockwave, Dreamweaver, XML, and JavaScript. Skills in Graphic Design, Color Theory, Layout & Composition, Typography and Iconography are also preferable.

Experience working in multi-cultural environments, strong understanding of application & business workflows, and excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with management and technical development teams are essential.

For more information or to forward your resume to me kindly email dbere@carpediem.com.hk

All information gathered will be used strictly for recruitment purposes only.

Posted by Dan Bere at August 21, 2003 8:50 AM

This is not an "official" job offer. I would, however, like to correspond with an IA consultant with expertise in working with niche market job boards. My project is a micro-mini start up but global (I am bilingual and spend most of my time in Asia) in scope -- and I'd like to get it right the first time. Interested parties please e-mail me for details.

Posted by Kenneth Gillow at December 1, 2003 1:04 AM

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