The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture launched in early November, 2002. If you are interested in the goals of IA community infrastructure--then you should get involved in the AIfIA. Why? Because didn't provide an organization to back up the great ideas that were captured on this site; the AIfIA will. Hope that you will become involved in the AIfIA. --Lou Rosenfeld launches Archive of SIGIA-L Discussion List

Thanks so much to the team for making the entirety of the SIGIA-L list postings available in their entirety. They've done a wonderful job; enjoy the SIGIA-L list archive!

What is this site for?

This site just hosts a blog for a discussion of building community infrastructure for information architects. Nothing else really.

So why have a site called "" in the first place?

Because the IA community may ultimately want a domain that can be used for shared infrastructural efforts. So consider this site (and this page) a placeholder for such future activities if it's needed. If this is ultimately what happens, I will be glad to donate the domain name (and possibly the hosting) to the cause.

What next?

What next? Well, that's what the blog is there for: discussing what's next for the IA community. So go do it!
--Lou Rosenfeld